Phytocelllife bright story of direct selling in India


Phytocelllife Marketing Pvt Ltd is India’s one of the fastest growing direct selling company, started just two years back from Varanasi Uttar Pradesh in Healthcare segment by the duo well-established name in direct selling Mr. Amit Sarin and Mr. Anurag Gupta.

The duo initiated the Network Marketing concept with the unique healthcare products originated from Malaysia. The Product range widely accepted in Indian consumers due to its uniqueness and effectiveness in healthcare, which ensuring growth at very high speed.

Phytocelllife’s unique marketing plan is adding fuel to its growth even a newcomer is making high five to six figure income in within period of three to four months of hard work.

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The company which started from Varanasi indeed become international company and now operating in neighboring countries such as Nepal & Bhutan.

Phytocelllife Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is now having a distributor base of over 25000, and it is growing at a speed of almost 20% every month which is extremely very high as per network marketing standards in India.

In just two years span, company successfully organized national and international events in GOA, Thailand, Dubai and Singapore.

Witnessing more more value to distributors company took more than 60 achivers for the most significant international extravaganza of all time at Singapore in the beggining of August 2018.

Experienced network marketing management, humble and caring directors, unique products, timely delivery, prompt payouts, world-class software and website, exclusive offers, awards and foreign trips for achievers making this company brightest network marketing story in India.

If you are looking for an upcoming network marketing company Phytocelllife Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is one of a fastest growing network marketing or direct selling company available in India

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