How to use social media in Direct Selling mlm

how to use social media in network marketing
how to use social media in network marketing

How to use social media in direct selling? the big question and answer are here.
Network Marketing requires regular prospecting, meeting new people and finding new ways to expand MLM business to new territories.

Social Media plays a significant role in getting in touch with new prospects easily and expanding direct selling business to unknown territories effortlessly.

Everyone in Direct Selling using this tool via Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Website but very few people know how to use it very efficiently or to get the real pearls from the ocean of social media.

Before prospecting to unknown people over social media learn the art of prospecting and without learning this magical art you just not only lose potential leaders, but they might unfriend or discard you forever.

I started using this tool in early 2010 when I launched a website portal dedicated to Direct Selling business portal, in the initial stage for over two years it did not click because I was promoting it without learning the art of social media.

Then I started learning about creating strong social media presence, and today I can proudly say my 99% revenue I earned through my social media presence, that is over 1 million US Dollars plus every year approx from the year 2014 and moreover network now expanded to 30 countries from sitting in India.

I have written one E-book on efficient use of social media in network marketing, where I have covered topics like:

Social media the money multiplier of network marketing
Social media the money multiplier of network marketing

1. How to use Whats app effectively in Direct Selling?

2. How to use Youtube to get Direct selling distributors from around the globe?

3. How to make Facebook as money multiplier in Direct selling MLM?

4. How might Whats App become network destroyer if misused?

5. How to build a strong direct selling online presence through a website?

6. How to grow your mlm network internationally without knowing a single person abroad?

7. How Twitter a real gem of prospecting in Direct Selling?

This e-book is all about my 20 years of real-life network marketing prospecting experience and eight years of do’s and don’ts for creating the money multiplier online presence in mlm.

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