money, sex and direct selling network marketing mlm

money sex and network marketing
money sex and network marketing by Arun Aggarwal

So far so many leaders, blogs, and websites talk about the money and fancy travel part of Direct selling/network marketing but never talk about the crucial mental and social behaviour changes of the successful network marketers when they got success in direct selling. The change is brutal not only for the family of the marketers as well as for himself or herself as well that is due to SEX. Yes, the brutal part of network marketing Money, Sex and Direct Selling.

When I started to understand the multi-level marketing, the first thing that came out was that most of the people coming in it are debtors and they wanted to suppress the bad patch of life quickly and to get their life back on track. Most of the mlm leaders come in the business just to provide a royal lifestyle to their loving families.

The most beautiful and important part of multi-level marketing is meeting new people every day and visiting different places which are impossible in any normal traditional business. The network can’t be built sitting in a city you need to travel to cities, villages and sometimes to other countries as well.

When you meet up different people, it is easily possible attracted towards opposite sex and fall in love, usually easily go to bed as mlm meetings happen in closed-door hotels. These involvements open the door to the downfall in network marketing for a successful person.

I am not saying everyone will fell some time you also meet your soul mates through networking, but those chances are rare in life.

Sex usually disturb your pace of building a network and mind deviates from money to sex. This change is lethal and causes of downfall in life. Usually, sex always demand time, money and energy and just to make your partner happy a successful network marketor losses the path of growth and starting spending his/her time and money satisfying the needs of the partner. Another social loss is successful person slowly started to maintain distance from the family as well as with the network and start spending more time in bed with a partner.

Suddenly you realize that the network you built up will collapse due to unfocused direct selling leadership. Income will be zero and expenses tend to rise. I am observing few successful people’s lives now they are hand to mouth and families also passing through the hardest time of their lives just a mistake could ruin not only your life but the lives of family members depends upon you.

So, as much as possible stay away from being involved in sex, you might lose everything you gained in network marketing. Focus on building a network, healthy friendly relations with people you meet, stay committed, stay focused and work for the betterment of the family rather than a beautiful deception.

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