Rajiv Singh the most hard working mlm leader of India

Rajiv singh father of indian direct selling
Rajiv singh father of indian direct selling

Rajiv Singh highly motivated MLM Leader of India

Rajiv Singh the most admired name for me in network marketing, since my early days of network marketing he becomes my idol role model for the business. A straightforward and humble aged over 50 years always available for team members, always motivate them to perform high in sales.

I first met him in the year 1998 when I joined Modicare a network marketing direct selling company from New Delhi (India). He was not my upline neither my downline and aged more than double of my age, still, we become friends forever.

India's Most Successful MLM Direct Selling Leader

He always treated me like his own son and given so many lessons on direct selling as he was one the top most achievers of the company. Moreover, I would say the pillar of Modicare in the year 1998.

You must learn one thing from Rajiv Singh’s journey of MLM, Passion Dedicated efforts towards your goal leads to success

You must learn one thing from Rajiv Singh’s journey of MLM, Passion Dedicated efforts towards your goal leads to success

He always starts his work from the first ray of the sun, calling all his key down lines every day keep asking new prospects, sales volume achieved, what next to achieve telling small stories of other upcoming stars, fixing up day schedule of work and keep monitoring their activities so that they succeed in direct selling.

Rajiv Singh is known for his hard work and stubbornness,  once he decides then nobody can stop him achieving the goal. Once I remembered, a business seminar was organized first time in Bahadurgarh to start

Once I remembered, a business seminar was organized first time in Bahadurgarh to start Modicare’s operation in Haryana, In the first seminar around 30 new sign-ups occurred in Rajiv Singh’s group, he collected 30 Boxes of Business Starter Kits and loaded on to his two wheelers and get it delivered to all downlines by the evening of the same day business seminar happened.

All his downlines were so motivated and I salute to Rajiv Singh’s passion towards network marketing. Within no time Modicare becomes a very famous name in Haryana almost 15000 people joined within 6 months, all Top achievers of Modicare were from Haryana and all in the group of Great Rajiv Singh.

Rajiv Singh Principles of Multi-Level Marketing:

  • Keep finding new prospects do not prejudge just share your opportunity.
  • Motivate them regularly and set sales targets and make sure they achieve it.
  • Guide your downlines like a father not like a boss. praise them regularly.
  • Keep telling success stories and real-life examples.
  • Be the host of all events rather than just a guest.

The principal rules of direct selling business are choosing a right company with right products and marketing plan with experienced management to handle the high-pressure network marketing sales and business.

believe in company, products & concept leads to success in direct selling business

Not only Rajiv Singh believes in network marketing but the whole Singh family participate in the field. Someone rightly said behind every successful man there is a woman, Kanta Singh wife of Rajiv Singh is key and woman behind Rajiv’s Success.

Kanta Singh role is even bigger in his success path as she always welcomes and greets all his teammates with such humble pleasure that everybody wants to go to Singh’s house again and again. She actively participates in the home meeting, conduct women orientation program, attend all leadership training and pushing everybody to do more in less time.

Once I asked her what carrier you choose for your two young kids Naveen and Amit, She said “Network Marketing Se Bada Kuch Nahi, Main Unhe bhi Stage Par Dekhna Chahti Hoon” (Nothing Bigger than network marketing, I want them to see on success dieas of  MLM).

Today both Naveen & Amit both are also on the path of their parents and making them proud in their own ways.

Rajiv Singh And Kanta Singh remain role model for new entrants into network marketing business.

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