Why Jeunesse Global is Game Changer in Indian Direct Selling Industry?

Network Marketing QuestionsCategory: About CompanyWhy Jeunesse Global is Game Changer in Indian Direct Selling Industry?
Dr.Ashish Rohatgi asked 2 years ago
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Nice information provided by you sir keep up the good work for the sake of network marketing

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Dr.Ashish Rohatgi answered 2 years ago

If anyone is seriously interested in Direct Selling in India he has to examine the complete history of Direct selling industry in India.
History of Direct Selling In India 

Direct Selling Industry is the fastest growing industry accross the globe.It is also increasing in India.There are some facts about Direct Selling Industry In India :

  • Direct Selling started approx 1995-96 in India when some International players like Sweden based major Oriflame etc entered in India .Prior to this some companies like peerless were running in India.Thereafter Modicare & Amway come started their business in India.


  • Industry was facing a tough phase as there is continously growing Grey market in name of Network Marketing in India.


  • Some major players formed IDSA (India Direct Selling Association ).IDSA is an autonomous body or the direct selling industry in India. The Association acts as an interface between the industry and policy-making bodies of the Government facilitating the cause of Direct Selling Industry in India.


  • From 2003 to 2015 IDSA & other player asked governement to create a Regulatory body in order to form a proper legislation  so that this sector can be revived.

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  1. Indian Direct selling Industry have a size of Rs 7400 Crores and have potential to reach Rs 64500 Crores.
  2. The Industry has grown at CAGR of 16% from 2008-2013 but this rate declines to 4 % in 2014.



  • In 2015-16 Industry growth declined to 3% due to continous increase in Grey market.

Current Scenario of Direct Selling Industry in India

Currently Direct Selling Industry in India is going through a tough phase as Industry is not growing due to huge increase in grey market.A continous growth in Cryptocurrency create new scam masters in the Industry who are coming up with lucrative income plan with imcomplete / misrepresented knowledge of cryptocurrencies.People are moving to to this Grey market because of incomplete knowledge,Isufficient Cybercrime experts in legislative system and No clear directive policy .

New & innovative scams are  coming into market and people are indulging because of improper education system .

Companies are educating Network Marketing by making misinterpretion that particular company is having best combination of Profile ,products & plan and rest others are not in better condition.

Due to all this students are not taking Direct selling as a sincere career. Moreover professionals are not getting attaracted towards this high potential industry.Even sincere Network marketing professionals are not suggesting their kids to join the industry.

Next 10 Years of Direct Selling Industry in India

Next 10 years Direct Selling Industry will go through several changes in India.Till 2020 Industry will not going to move so fast due to rise to grey market in India.But during this period it is expected that proper Law on industry will take place and then Industry which is poised to grow will sudden took a leap forward to grow so fast .Reasons are clear –

– Students & coporate employees are losing their interest in high pressure jobs with limited income.

-Jobs are declining as IT industry has been come to saturation point.

-Next big industry is Wellness/Anti-Ageing/Retail /E-Commerce etc can move fast with Direct selling indusry.

-People are more interested in doing their own business but they lack resouces to create their own enterpreise so they will move to this industry.

-Due to implementation of GST more corporate players will move towards this industry.

-Increased E-Commerce & Logistics will help in this change.

During the period of 2020 to 2025 this industry is set to grow approx 10 times.Where some weak players will be vanished from the market and some New & big player will enter into market for a longer duration.

So 2018-2020 is the best time to join this industry so that you will be able to welcome the New distributors .You need to equipped yourself with proper & geneuine information /knowledge about the industry in India and at global level.During this period this Industry will work at Global level.

If you see the complete scenario ,You need to look at the current scenario with real global companies which are working in India.

Some of the good Global companies are :

  • World Global Network 
  • Trevo
  • PM International
  • Enagic &
  • Jeunesse Global

In all companies Jeunesse is set to create benchmark as it has the best marketing tools which is able to connect the new geneation of network marketing professionals .
So it can be said that currently JEUNESSE GLOBAL is able to create a new generation of Network marketing professionals due to which it can be a Game changer in Indian direct selling industry.


Raj answered 2 years ago

Jeunesse Global Income plan in seems to be very low as compared to the pricing of the products this is the only concern I see going to Jeunesse