Is a good for investment?

Network Marketing QuestionsCategory: Crypto CurrencyIs a good for investment?
Arun Aggarwal asked 2 years ago

Is a good platform for cryptocurrency?
why participate in ICO of
Is ICO is profitable deal at 40-50% extra coins?
Is this possible to achieve what they are offering or just a game plan?

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JAI answered 2 years ago

QuickX is helping users to carry out their inter-blockchain transactions at a very economical cost in a relatively open marketplace; thus, achieving transparency in dealings. The dependence of intermediaries is cut off by this QuickX protocol, thus bridging the private and public blockchains, improving the liquidity of different crypto assets and making transactions instant. The interoperability between the blockchain assets is made seamless by the pooling facilitators, thereby enhancing the transaction experience and making it faster at negligible transaction costs. Also, the privacy concerns are addressed.