Future Maker is a legal network marketing company?

Network Marketing QuestionsCategory: Ask QuestionsFuture Maker is a legal network marketing company?
Dhruv asked 1 year ago

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Arun Aggarwal Staff replied 1 year ago

Future Maker Network Marketing is not working as per the guidelines set by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt of India my advice is not to take part in this business It may stop any time in future. Future Breaker not maker

Dinesh Kumar Meena replied 1 year ago

Sir main Yeh Kaise Pata karo key future maker company 1 legal company nahi hai isliye sir mujhe guide kijiye

Partha Das replied 12 months ago

Idsa me listed nahi hai. ???

anup kadam replied 12 months ago

its a not in list of COnsumer minstry entities…company ke pass fdsa and ficcci ke certificate nahi hai..,,ye logoko galat kehte hai ki ye direct selling company hai….sabse badi bat..direct selling company ke shares nahi hote ..aur ye log shares lete hai….

Khaja moinuddin replied 12 months ago

Hello Sir, future maker company is legal company or not. please reply me as soon as posible. if not how is running in india in front of every one. what is government doing. please provide me right answer. thanks. khaja moinuddin. ex.services men. from hyderabad telangana.

Shiv replied 10 months ago

Hello Sir , I am replying you.. It’s 100% level..it works on a strategy of ” Trusted financial Marketing” 90% of people doesn’t know this idea.. For example 10PM to 10 AM Banks will not work ,our own money will be invested by banks in trusted financial sectors second by second next day it may be for 1L = 1.5L or 2, or 5L, or 10.. but we are getting interest 6%/year.. but in future maker we get products and our own money will be invested in different financial sectors of Future Maker and the profits will be shared in every month.. it’s not money rotation or chit fund.. you can trust this company.. company having more than 10 sectors where it is investing our money..

Sandip Singh replied 9 months ago

I have invested money in future Maker in July 2018. No payout till date. I have told that I have provided wrong Bank details. So now how can I get my money back

Md Tanveer Alam replied 7 months ago

Sir mujhe bataeye k DBA k bare me janana hai o sahi hai

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