Network Marketing, mlm, direct selling scope in India ?


Network Marketing, MLM, direct selling scope in India?
Network marketing future and scope lies in the population. Moreover, the population being unemployed is an added advantage for this business. Over 70 percent of our country’s population is below 35 years of age, and most of them are unemployed more over belong to lower or middle-class families and want to earn money with a business which starts with small or negligible investment.

Network Marketing provides the best business opportunities to make extra money in part time to unemployed youth. Countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Brazil have bright future for it, provides part time jobs or home based jobs to youngsters who want grow independently.
Nations, as mentioned above, have got everything required for network marketing business, population, unemployment, youth, middle-class families and above all their desire to become rich.

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What are the prospects of direct selling in India versus other prominent countries?

Parameter Hong Kong & Macau USA CANADA JAPAN INDIA
Population 10 lacs 31 Crores 3.5 Crores 12 Crores 127 Crores
Unemployed 0.083 0.076 0.072 0.041 0.208
(Govt Data)
Direct Selling Companies More than 7000 More than 40000 More than 10000 More than 18000 Only 700-800

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