Direct Selling mlm top companies in India and IDSA Members


How old is MLM in India and what competition we are going to face?

Direct selling officially started in India in the year 1996 when an International consumer electronics brand called Corum International announce its foray into network marketing and started pre registering distributors for the forth coming business, but somehow company got stuck into legal permissions in India, and whole planned collapsed. In the meanwhile Modicare also came up with its direct selling and all Corum pre register distributors jumped in Modicare, and thus officially Modicare becomes the first Indian company who introduce network marketing in India.
List of Indian companies those involve in direct selling and part of Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA).

Rank Known As Company Head Office Origin Year Remark
1 Tupperware Tupperware India Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. 17533 Mr. Earl Silas Tupper started Tupperware in 1948; women oriented party pay plan and unique plastic containers, very famous throughout the world and one of the fortune 500 company
2 TIENS Tianjin Tianshi India Pvt. Ltd. Chennai Tianjin, CHINA 34700 Tiens or commonly known as Tianshi in India, a health and nutraceutical product based company from China founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan
3 ORIFLAME Oriflame India Pvt. Ltd. Delhi Sweden 24473 Oriflame founded in 1967 in Sweden by two brothers Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick, a leading cosmetic brand of the world believes in the core of direct selling
4 K-Link K-Link Healthcare (India) P. Ltd. Chennai Malaysia 36526 K Link network marketing started from Malaysia now in few other Asian countries Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Australia, etc. having health care products
5 DXN Daehsan Trading (India) Pvt. Ltd. Delhi Malaysia 33970 DXN founded by Dato` Dr. Lim Siow Jin from Malaysia with healthcare product based on Ganoderma having good presence in India as well as in Asia in Multi Level Marketing
6 Modicare Modicare Ltd. Delhi New Delhi, India 35065 Modicare is the company who started MLM in India in the year 1996, founded by Mr. K.K Modi now in commands of Mr. Samir Modi having widest range of product area as compare to other network marketing companies
7 HERBALIFE Herbalife International India P. Ltd. Bengaluru  California, U.S.A. 29221 Herbalife a weight management & nutraceutical healthcare company founded by Mr. Mark Hughes, a truly global multi level gain, presence in all parts of the world
8 UNICITY Unicity Health Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru  Utah, U.S.A. 38718 Unicity very fast growing healthcare company founded by Mr. Stewart Hughes, becoming a global face of multi level marketing
9 Amway Amway India Enterprises Noida, UP Michigan, U.S.A. 21551 Amway the biggest name in the field on MLM in world, co founded by Mr. Richard DeVos & Jay Van Andel
10 VESTIGE Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.  Delhi New Delhi, India 37987 Vestige an Indian MLM company now one the largest regarding associated distributors, founded by Mr. Gautam Bali, Mr. Deepak Sood, and Mr. Kanwar Bir Singh
11 AVON Avon Beauty Products India Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon New York, U.S.A. 01/01/1886 The World most admire beauty care products for women, a fortune 500 company founded by Ms. Sheri McCoy; Direct Selling Company dedicated to Women
12 4Life 4Life Trading India Ltd.  New Delhi Utah, U.S.A. 35796 Mr. David Lisonbee founded 4life International in the year 1998, healthcare supplements based product range and rightly managed network marketing company
13 ALTOS Altos Enterprises Ltd. Ludhiana Ludhiana, India 36526 Altos started from Ludhiana, India with only seven healthcare products in the year 2000 and now a true Indian MLM Direct Selling Company
14 GALWAY Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi New Delhi, India 37622 Glaze Trading founded by Mr. Sanjeev Chhibber and Mr. Chetan Handa from New Delhi India with wide range of Healthcare, Personal care Products

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